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How do you spell Wow?

Our team was given the opportunity to design and build a conference table for a valued client that was after de\cades of building others their corporate headquarters he was finally checking his Bucket List and building his very own and simply his dream. Well, we took into account the immediate request for Magnolia to match his vision and the tress outlining his newly landscaped property. Next, we needed to meet the Live Edge request for the entire table along with matching the grain from the two handpicked slabs we reserved for him. Finally, we were asked to custom a foundation with c-channel caps to the legs, custom a center power box with door access for a flat center power box that offers dual access and a automatic pop feature, and add a iron beam runner from leg to leg that we capped into the 4" Magnolia legs by mitering the legs to receive the beam.

So our question "how do you spell WOW?" is simply this finished 16' x 5' Magnolia Conference Table for our valued client.

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