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poplar live edge epoxy

What We Do

At the Trading Post Depot, we custom design and create unique and distinguished farm style and live edge tables, islands, bar tops, coffee tables, chairs, stools, and more. 

We make our inventory specifically for:



-Restaurant/ Bar


Live Edge Wood Creation Office Conference Table

The Trading Post Depot specializes in creating one-of-a-kind tables, islands, countertops, and more for your home. 

Choose from our huge inventory or create your own by visiting our store.

Before starting new construction or renovation, come visit us with your measurements. 


Live Edge Wood Creation

Create special designs specifically tailed to your business.

The Trading Post Depot can make conference tables, entry way tables, desks, and more.


Live Edge Wood Creation

Work with the Trading Post Depot to create a layout and design to the theme of your restaurant.

We create tables, pub tables, chairs, entry way tables, and more. 


cork and candle

Ditch the boring and forgettable bar scene and design something memorable!

We create bar tops, bar stools, and other stunning pieces.

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