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First Come, First Served Promotion
Details / Rules
We will post one select item 

Every Monday before 8 a.m.

(Picture of the item below)

  1. The FIRST person to fill out and submit the contact form below.

  2. The FIRST person to reply to the email generated after submitting the form. 

  3. First person in our Spring City or Easton Store Door after doing step one and two, with payment in full.  

  4. TPD reserves the right to make final decisions based on who meets ALL the rule requirements FIRST. 

Notes: Each promotion is independent, Pieces listed as Tabletops do not include legs; however, please discuss your countless discounted options. 

One-of-a-kind TPD 

Reclaimed 10' Epoxied Farm Tabletop

(Choice of Legs countless; however, not included in price)

Original Special $ 5,500.00

 First Come First Served Price. 

$ 2,750.00

Promotion Entry Form

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Thanks and You Are Entered

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